Project 2 – Exercise 1

Exercise 1 The fourth dimension

Have you thought about time in relation to artwork before? Have you already come across pieces that explore what time is? Write a little bit about these pieces.

Time is a very wide and very difficult concept that I think about often, and so naturally I have applied it to my observation and thoughts on art. Some things I have thought about of time in relation to art include: thinking about how long it took to complete an artwork, in what time period it was made, what materials or processes help an artwork stay well preserved or not, and how art history has changed and evolved with time.

One form of art that really makes me think about time is the Tibetan Buddhist tradition of making sand mandalas. The monks spend several days creating a beautiful and extremely intricate sand mandala only to destroy it as soon as it is complete. I feel this is such a powerful ceremony that uses art to symbolise the impermanence of life. While most artists are concerned with making their art last for as long as possible, these mandalas are created to show us how nothing can last forever.

Another example are animation loops. I really enjoy making and watching animation or film loops because with a very limited amount of frames you can create an illusion of something that is never-ending (or at least for as long as you watch it).

I will start paying more attention about the way artworks explore the concept of time. It is hard for me to see the deeper meaning or context of art that I do not like, so perhaps I should pay more attention to what things mean even if I personally do not like them.


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