Project 3 (Place in art) – Exercise 3

Exercise 3 Gallery or site visit 

sketchsusykitchenSketchbook notes

Ciudad Mujer (Woman City) 1, 2 & 3, Susy Kitchen, Venezuela, 2016

Graphite on paper, 30″ x 40″

Combination of place and woman; a city within a woman, woman is city. Bored expressions. People as one with towns, cities, houses. Places are people.

Soft, delicate, smooth, gradient, light vs. shadow, futurism?, composition in center, round forms. From exhibit: “…human being belonging, being the reason itself for the place it inhabits, giving it life”.

Casa Quien

Pueblo (Town), Susy Kitchen, 2016

Assemblage, ceramic, found wood

Interesting composition, raw, rustic. People in / as houses. Eerie? Happy? Small sculpture made of wood and small heads and characters inside and part of it. Many other small sculptures besides this one, all with the same theme and using similar materials and compositions.


Susy Kitchen is an artist and designer from Venezuela focusing on women as a predominant theme in most of her work. Via drawings, dolls, and wooden sculptures, she creates a unique universe inhabited by quirky characters that seem to be frozen in time while we observe them.

The three drawings combine women with homes, as can be seen by the little doors, ladders, and windows that are part of their bodies. The tiny size of these elements makes me think that the women must be giants compared to the invisible inhabitants that reside inside them. Susy explores the concept that people are what give life and meaning to the places they inhabit; some characters inhabit the places, while others are the places themselves.

The pieces are playful due to their childish, though sophisticated, construction and her use of recycled materials. My impression of the tiny sculptures shifts from sad to joyful to fun to eerie, reflecting well how we might have conflicting opinions about the places around us. It’s particularly interesting her way of comparing and combining people to places. I can think of people that have made me feel like I’m home, others that have made me feel like I’m in hell, people that seem to embody the essence of their country, while there are those that belong to many places at the same time or to none at all.

I was surprised to find an exhibition near me that focused on the theme of place and even a little bit on the theme of time. Before these exercises, I never really gave thought to these ideas being present in the art around me, but I feel like I will pay more attention to them from now on. I also wonder whether most things just naturally or even unconsciously talk about concepts such as time and place, being as they are so important and present in our lives and way of thinking.


Kitchen, S. (2016) Susy Kitchen: Towns. [Exhibition]. Santo Domingo. Casa Quien.

Casa Quien. (2016). Pueblo. [online]. At: (Accessed on 29 December 2016)


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