Assignment one – Part A

Reflective learning

What is art?

My views towards art haven’t changed but rather expanded and grown. I still stand by my position that art that focuses on its formal qualities and aesthetic value isn’t necessarily less meaningful or thought-provoking than art that emphasises concept above all else. But some inspiring examples of contemporary art show me that they can make use of visual qualities to support their conceptual messages.

Something that happened to me very often during Part One was that I became very excited about each piece while doing research, but then wondered to myself, when was I done writing about each one, is it art? I feel like I still have a lot of contemplation, research, and observation to do in order to keep defining what art is. I can define the art I most admire as one that stays with me because it succeeds in a number of aspects, including its technical skill, message and meaning, aesthetics and, more simply, that I like it .

Something I greatly improved in was in writing down the information necessary for citing different sources and artwork, whether live ones or online. I also incorporated some parts of the SQ3R method into my reading skills and I feel that I can understand the general idea of things much quicker.

I learned important facts about how art has evolved, particularly when it comes to the history of installation art, minimalism, art’s role in political activism, feminist art, and the relationship between space and art. I would like to keep learning about the evolution of art movements from all parts of the world, so I began collecting important dates, facts, and artists in order to make an art history timeline for myself and to share with others.

Looking through my learning log, I think I have gathered a useful archive of research, a range of artworks, and of my own changing opinions. I have learned how to work through the exercises and have created a summary for myself of resources, study guides, and quick tips that has been essential to my progress.

I think I still need to improve in adding more drawings, images, sketchbook notes, and other personal details to make the learning log richer. I would like to apply what I’m learning by visiting and analysing more exhibitions and by reading books related to the course themes. I think I should also work on expressing my ideas more concisely.

As an artist, it has been valuable to read about art that is different from what I normally like/do, in particular time-based media and installation art, as understanding why and how they originated and evolved makes me less skeptic and more willing to use them as inspiration. I feel like my possibilities have grown and I keep writing down ideas and references for further use.



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