Assignment one – Reflection

Reflection on assessment criteria

  • Demonstration of subject based knowledge and understanding 

I feel I have a good, general understanding of the content but I feel the need to keep learning about art history and investigating it in depth. I am aware of how things change in meaning depending on their context and what some of these different contexts are. I had never given thought to themes such as place and time applied to art and this has changed my way of thinking.

  • Demonstration of research skills

I was already confident in my research skills but I definitely discovered where to look for information related to art, the many online galleries and museums, how to choose more reliable sources, how to build a bibliography, and how to organise my sources sooner rather than later. I still feel I need to focus more on primary sources and sources outside of the internet.

  • Demonstration of critical and evaluation skills

This has been hard because I can be stubborn in my way of thinking, but I do feel that I have progressed in my evaluation skills by keeping an open mind and learning how to be reflective. I’m learning how to keep a balance between being objective and being subjective when writing an interpretation or analysis. I still need to work on synthesising my ideas because it can be difficult sometimes to know where to be more concise or more detailed.

  • Communication

I have compiled a personal guideline of study tips based on the OCA resources to help me with my writing skills, especially when it comes to essay-writing and reflective writing. I feel good about the way I have communicated my ideas in my learning log. Even though I am very confident in my English skills, it’s not my native language and so I take extra care in how I express myself and in avoiding grammatical errors.


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