Creative reading (Introduction) – Exercise

List of reasons why people read

  • expand knowledge
  • learn about someone
  • increase vocabulary
  • pleasure
  • entertainment
  • escape reality
  • see things from different perspective
  • use/develop imagination
  • when sad, bored, lonely
  • pass the time when travelling (airplanes, buses, trains)
  • tool for studying/research
  • humor
  • a way to relate to others
  • obligation (school, homework)

List of reasons why people write

  • share knowledge, experiences, opinions, beliefs
  • entertainment
  • create fantasy world
  • share feelings / express themselves
  • it’s their job
  • note down memories
  • pass the time
  • passion
  • when sad, bored, lonely
  • communicate with others

I do notice that there are many similarities between the two. It’s very much like a symbiotic relationship, in which writers need readers and vice-versa. I’ve noticed that the majority of people around me enjoy reading but only very few write. I think this can be compared to art, as most people admire it but not all of them create it.


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