Project 1 (The craft of writing) – Exercise 1

Exercise 1

What happens to a story when you take it from its source, make it permanent in print, and disseminate it to a wide audience?

  • It has less room for quick changes and adaptations, something that probably happened very often when stories were told orally
  • Transcends place (reaches audiences from all around the world instead of just one culture, city, or country)
  • Transcends time (is able to outlive many generations)
  • Stories are more private and less of an interactive activity
  • Less exclusive
  • More open to different interpretations

List of implications arising from the printing press.

  • The most famous editors and printing companies will hold power over most printed texts
  • Texts are edited by people that aren’t the authors
  • Authors don’t hold complete ownership of their texts
  • Texts have a greater credibility after having certain standards
  • Increased competition of information

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