Project 1 (The craft of writing) – Exercise 2

List of everything I’ve read or written or seen or heard in the last 24 hours.

  • Heard morning alarm
  • Saw how my latest Instagram post is doing
  • Heard my dad buying fruit from the street vendor
  • Wrote last night’s dream in my dream journal
  • Read the newspaper
  • Read a recipe to make for dinner
  • Saw my mom making lunch
  • Heard music
  • Wrote and published an event announcement in social media
  • Wrote a draft for another event post
  • Read a book synopsis
  • Read my emails, including a scam email offering me 7 billion dollars
  • Heard and saw the painters in our apartment working and talking
  • Wrote in my learning log
  • Read about an upcoming documentary series called Abstract: The Art of Design
  • Saw videos about reptiles on Youtube
  • Read about the tegu lizard
  • Wrote to friends via text messages
  • Read a news article online about a Russian family that never found about WWII
  • Heard my boyfriend over the phone

How many stories are contained within your list? 

I feel that everything could be turned into a story or be part of one. Those I feel are the most story-material include the different conversations I heard from the working men in my apartment, the dream I had last night, the book synopsis, the email scam, the reptile facts, and the article about the Russian family.

How much of what you’ve read (or written or seen or heard) would you consider to be ‘art’? What makes writing art? How do you, personally, define a creative and artistic piece of writing?

The only thing from my list that I consider to be art in itself is the music I listened to. For those other things to become art, I think they would need to have more complex processes besides the simple fact that I listed them. I could, for example, formulate my list as a poem or use some of those everyday tasks as inspiration for other projects.

The question of what makes writing art is a really difficult one for me to answer, principally because I had never thought to consider it. I could define a creative and artistic piece of writing as one that shares similar characteristics with other art forms, including creativity, imagination, symbolism, artistry, meaning, structure and form. Not only this, but the writing must also inspire emotion in me, succeed in its technique and form, and convey some sort of message. Sometimes it might simply be that the author’s ‘voice’ is beautiful or emotive. Examples of this might include poetry, prose, short stories, fiction, and drama. Writing that is not art is that which we use in an ordinary way, such as social media conversations, grocery lists, dictionaries and encyclopaedias, information brochures, the news, personal diaries, etc.


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