Project 2 (The hero’s journey)- Research point

Think about something you’ve read recently. How did it make use of Aristotle’s first four elements? Did one element seem to predominate over the others? Which one? Why?

  1. Plot
  2. Character
  3. Thought (theme)
  4. Diction (expression of meaning)

The last novel I read was ‘Papi’ (Spanish word for Daddy) by the Dominican author and singer/songwriter Rita Indiana. It is about a little girl that lives with her mother but is always waiting for her father to visit her. Her father lives in another country and seems to be a stereotypical mobster, with many cars, houses and women. The girl sees him as the richest and most powerful man in the world, almost like a superhero or god. It is through her experiences that we learn about the many characters around her, including her family, friends, neighbours, and her father’s business partners and his “thousands”of girlfriends. Ultimately, the story is about how the girl deals with the fact that she needs her absent father and then about her grief after he dies.

I feel that its most predominant element is diction. The plot is a bit chaotic to follow and the beginning, middle, and end are not very clear. Even though we learn about the characters along the way, we never really know just how much the girl has interpreted and exaggerated with her wild imagination. What most stood out for me was the way the story was told; the voice of the author, the blur between reality and fantasy, the use of informal Dominican vocabulary, the childish imagination, the muddled chronology of events, and the numerous metaphors and allusions.


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