Project 3 (Ways of saying and seeing) – Exercise 2

Examples of poetic devices in poems:

i-saw-a-chapel-poetic-devices     dream-deferred-poetic-devices     fall-leaves-fall-poetic-deviceslost-poetic-devices     love-is-more-thicker-than-forget-poetic-devices     we-real-cool-poetic-devices

Examples of poetic devices in novel:

Bradbury, R. (1985) Dandelion Wine (Grand Master Editions). United States and Canada: Bantam Books.

From pages 12-13:


Why did the writer use it at this particular point? What is its effect on the writing and so on the reader?

Dandelion Wine is very visually descriptive by its use of imagery. Though it is prose, it is sometimes very hard to distinguish it from poetry because of its use of poetic devices and romanticised descriptions. In these two pages, repetition helps make dialogue look more real and casual, personification helps in giving the flowers a personality of their own, while alliteration, consonance, and assonance help make the content feel musical and very fluid to read. The metaphors (e.g. ‘The words were summer on the tongue’) and similes (e.g. ‘…the trees were reinhabitated with…blossoms like a continent of butterflies breathing on the wind’) help create a certain mood that is connected to the book’s topics; summer, nature, childhood.

My examples for each device:


Flowers always want to rot,

there one day and then they’re not.


only humans ever


power/money over



It felt good

it felt wrong

it felt good

it was wrong.


The devil didn’t do it.


Those other worlds were not meant to be explored or exploited.


Seventy-six sounds in the night sky have turned to silence since their deaths.


Woooooo went the wind and waaaaaa went the babe.


The backpacks moped and the little shoes hid and the scarves huddled together.


I was as comfortable as a whale in the sand.


The clouds were mermaids and dragons and Charles Darwin.


Though I have seen and studied these poetic devices before, I feel I grasped them so much better by doing the exercises and learning how to identify them. Still, I feel I am not completely clear about rhythm; I can notice the rhythm of poetry when I read it aloud, but I have a hard time explaining and identifying how it works. I also get a bit confused when identifying personification, as I feel that some actions and adjectives could be referring to human qualities just as well as not.


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