Project 4 (The Road) – Room Seven: Itinerancy

Room Seven: Itinerancy (p.150-158)

Itinerancy: traveling from place to place.


  • Francis Alÿs
  • Robery Smithson
  • Janet Cardiff
  • Rirkrit Tiravanija
  • Shimabuku

Impact of time, place and journey on Shimabuku’s ‘Cucumber Journey’ (p.156 – 157)

Shimabuku’s ‘Cucumber Journey’ is about the relationship of change and time. He embarked on a two-week-long canal boat trip from London to Birmingham. As he made his slow trip, he also made slow food – pickling. His journey is an appreciation of how things move and change through time and place; the cucumbers fermented in the time it took him to get from one place to another. Basically, there are some things that cannot be rushed; ‘There are places to which you can only travel slowly, and there are things that can only be made slowly’.


Dean, T. and Millar, J. (2005) Art Works: Place. London: Thames & Hudson.


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