Project 2 (Combining visual elements) – Exercise 1

Mixed messages

mixed messages
OCA Creative Arts Today

Enjoy your stay:

  • positive and welcoming message, typography conveys opposite
  • feels gothic and archaic
  • would be appropriate if placed on a medieval inn or in the road leading to Count Dracula’s castle


  • message warns about danger, and so does typography
  • aggressive all-caps, usually implies screaming, emphasises importance of message
  • serif typography helps make message more formal and serious

We are professionals:

  • typography does not look very professional in a modern context
  • looks vintage, typed from a typewriter
  • a more minimal and less decorative typography, perhaps a sans-serif, could be more effective


  • gives impression of ancient civilisation, primitive, looks like it could be found on a scroll
  • does not give feeling of luxury, which is more about being elegant, modern and expensive

hand made:

  • does not feel like it belongs with something hand made
  • looks too clean, professional, and digital
  • would be better off with a hand-written type or simply one that is more playful, thin, rustic or cursive

Examples of discrepancy between written message and its typographic form:

All images taken by me from newspapers and magazines.

Figure 1:

  • too informal, round, and colourful for a car exposition
  • looks childish rather than modern, reliable, strong, etc.

Figure 2:

  • too formal and unrelated to anything baby-like (including own brand’s logo and clothes)

Figure 3:

  • is too colourful, casual, and playful for a fashion brand
  • fails to sell any idea of sophistication or beauty
  • seems better suited, actually, for figure 2

Figure 4:

  • conveys opposite feeling (gray, cold, arcade-like or futuristic) to the written message (sweet, feminine)
Fig. 1.
Fig. 2.
Fig. 3.
Fig. 4.

Examples where the two complement each other:

Figure 5:

  • typography sells well the idea of a classy brand
  • presence of signature hints at something made by a designer, and thus more expensive or exclusive

Figure 6:

  • message reads: “A more elegant, legible and spaced journal”
  • typography is in accordance to message, as is indeed elegant, legible and spaced

Figure 7:

  • message reads: “Built to do everything”
  • typography is well suited to a car advertisement as well as to the message itself
  • looks strong, bold and confident

Figure 8:

  • thin, clean typography is well suited to message
  • sells idea of a sleek, modern and expensive design
Fig. 5. 
Fig. 6.
Fig. 7. 
Fig. 8.

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