Reflection #1

Reflection #1 – Starting assignment 3 and about to start new course Drawing 1: Drawing Skills

I realised that I haven’t really added any reflections to my blog besides those asked by the course. I have done a lot of thinking and inner reflection but have shied away from writing it down here. Rather than worrying too much about how I haven’t done much in this section of my blog, I will focus on the fact that I still have about half of the course left to explore this area.

I am about to start another course – Drawing 1: Drawing Skills – and thus about to start another learning log. I have been thinking about how ideal it would be to somehow connect all my learning logs to each other, as it might encourage me to see everything as one single journey and thus be much more reflective about what I’m doing. Because I’m starting a new course, I’ve been skimming over An Introduction to Studying in HE and remembering valuable tips I seem to have forgotten.

On a more personal note, I am starting to create habits and routines (daily sketchbook-ing, writing, lots of research, museum visits, choosing to read and do yoga rather than useless procrastination, etc.) that are important to my growth as an artist and I feel that this will reflect on my future posts.

About the course itself, I’m definitely learning new things but in ways I didn’t expect. I’m not often surprised by the content of the course but it has changed and evolved my perspective towards a whole range of disciplines, media, artists, ways of communicating, etc. and thus has triggered many inner reflections and my own personal development.


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