Part 3 (Visual communications) – Assignment three (Commentary)

Commentary on experience of Part Three (Visual communications)

The exercises I enjoyed the most in this part of the course were those of semiotic analysis; denotation and connotation, signifier and signified, literal element vs. meaning. I feel I can apply this knowledge to many of my future analyses and also to my own works as an artist. I also really enjoyed analysing a film poster and relating it to the film itself, as I was able to see a bit about how designers are able to represent a movie with just one image. Film posters (and album covers) are something I’ve always had in the back of my mind as the type of visual communication I would be the most interested in doing. The collage exercise was also incredibly interesting and I enjoyed both the process and the result, especially because it wasn’t completely theoretical and involved creating something.

I didn’t particularly enjoy the knitting exercise, as I really didn’t feel I learned anything from it. I also don’t have any cultural or personal relation to knitting so while I understood the point of the exercise, I would’ve preferred if it had been focused on something else. The time and place exercise was really hard to do in terms of motivation and it took me more time than I had planned for it. I didn’t quite get the point of finding those examples of time and place, as I feel that everything (visual art, literature, music, history, etc) relates to time and place without even trying to, it happens very naturally; the very fact that everything happens at a specific time and place means that it will communicate some sort of relation to time and place. (I do understand the importance of these types of exercises, I just really like to overthink it.)

I don’t think I would be interested in doing a visual communications course. I’ve studied illustration and saw it more as a part of the general scope of drawing than as a separate path. I think I can make successful pieces of visual communication by practising the particular areas I enjoy the most, such as drawing and animation, and then using them to convey any given message. My reluctance towards studying graphic design lies in how digital it has become; everything is so perfectly vectorised that I feel there is little humanity visible. While things such as typography, color and composition do interest me, I’d rather study them independently (and less formally) as I go.


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