Part 4, Project 1 (Photography – art or science?) – Exercise 2

‘Artistic’ photos, why?

I decided to look through someone else’s pictures rather than my own so that I would have to really discover more ‘arty’ images without already knowing what to look for. My mother has thousands of images in her computer, most of them family, food or work-related but speckled here and there I found some pictures that really caught my eye. Some of the characteristics that appeal to me in these pictures are their sense of composition, interesting elements (and their placement), and clear feeling or message. The second picture, for example, with the piglets, has a strong sense of asymmetry that is very eye-catching. The first image gives a strong feeling of simplicity and calm. The fourth image is all about perspective and depth. The breakfast picture catches my eye because of its color palette and the way the elements (aka the food) are arranged.

So I wouldn’t really say there is one single reason why a picture can be seen as ‘artistic’. These pictures were all probably taken quickly and without much planning, so I’m not appreciating them for the effort behind them but really just for how they look and make me feel. Though planning and process are really important and very often yield good results, it doesn’t mean that spontaneity can’t produce good results as well. Sometimes our environment (be it rural or urban), the events and the people around us make for good images by themselves. Nature is especially good at this. When I’m out and sketching, I find a lot of moments, elements and views that look naturally “artistic” and the only thing I need to do is capture them.

Second part of this exercise to complete another day, want to move on.


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