Reflection #2

The Importance of Context in Photography

I must mention something I’ve just read from the course text: ‘Today photography is by far the most widespread art form and that means we tend to lose sight of the photograph as object.’ YESS!!! I agree so much with this. We have stopped focusing on photography as photography and instead pay more attention to the subject of the images; what they’re selling or advertising, especially. I also agree with the next part, about how they way we view photography is very influenced by context.

I recently purchased a photography book and I noticed that though the images are nothing too different from what I might see in a blog or social media, the fact that it’s printed on high-quality paper and shows a complete body of work makes it that much more special. The book, by the way, is Truth study center by Wolfgang Tillmans. Because of the context, I can look at the images, go back and forth, leaf through at my own pace, wonder and marvel about the photographer and the images, and just really enjoy it as photography.


2 thoughts on “Reflection #2

  1. I agree. I’ve seen the work of Benjamin Lowy “Iraq |perspectives” on line and it was easy to flick through with little impact. But when the book arrived in had to take a break from it because his work is so powerful and raises so many questions, thoughts and feelings, when in the photo book format.

    Your reflection has helped me to contextualise the impact of his book. Thankyou.

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    1. Yes! This is really important to keep in mind when looking at works of art. Glad to have contributed something to think about and thank you for reading 🙂

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