Part 4, Project 2 (It’s about time) – Exercise 1

Photography conveys movement

Derek Trillo, Passing Place, 2006

  • stairs imply direction
  • one figure is going down, other is going up
  • figures on stairs are blurred because photograph was taken while they were moving
  • right figure is midway up a step, as seen by bent leg

Harold Edgerton, Bullet and Apple, c.1964

  • very short moment of time
  • bullet seems suspended in middle of flight
  • explosion of apple just after it happened, effect frozen in time

Harold Edgerton, Multiflash tennis serve, 1949

  • sequence of action
  • repetition of racket and figure as they moved through time
  • blurred figure, fast movement
  • photograph captures a fast action in a way that we can’t observe normally

Jacques-Henri Lartigue, Cousin Bichonnade in Flight, 1905

  • woman going down stairs
  • suspended in air, seemingly flying or jumping
  • middle of action
  • looks like she’s about to fall

The Bullet and Apple is my favorite of the four images. The suspension of the bullet and the explosion of the apple are very still and clear (focused) and shows movement in a cause and effect sort of way; “this just happened” rather than only “this is happening”. The colors and composition of the photograph also look very well-thought-out and beautiful.


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