Part 5, Project 3 (Clouds and pillars) – Research point

Layering qualities of textiles, Palimpsest Palimpsest: 'mid 17th century: via Latin from Greek palimpsēstos, from palin "again" + psēstos "rubbed smooth"' (The New Oxford American Dictionary, 3rd edition) A palimpsest refers to a manuscript/page that is reused after having its original text erased. In more general terms, it refers to something that has been reused or altered but still… Continue reading Part 5, Project 3 (Clouds and pillars) – Research point


Part 4, Project 3 (A sense of place) – Exercise 3

Viewpoints Derek Trillo, The Cheshire Plain from Beeston Castle, 2008 view of Cheshire Plain photograph taken from Beeston Castle no sign of castle, only on title elevated viewpoint, looking down from a high place field, divided into four areas 3/4 brown field, 1/4 green contrast of color; brown trees on green, green trees on brown size of… Continue reading Part 4, Project 3 (A sense of place) – Exercise 3