Assignment two – After feedback (Reflection & reworked essay)

Reflection I received my feedback for assignment two. I got really nervous before opening it and actually delayed it as much as I could. One of the things pointed out in the report is that I didn't reference any sources, and thus didn't demonstrate that I researched and read around. Since this was an interpretative assignment, I… Continue reading Assignment two – After feedback (Reflection & reworked essay)


Assignment two – The Dispossessed

The Dispossessed "Shevek submitted to this and other injections in silence. He had no right to suspicion or protest. He had yielded himself up to these people; he had given up his birthright of decision. It was gone, fallen away from him along with his world, the world of the Promise, the barren stone. The… Continue reading Assignment two – The Dispossessed

Assignment two – Reflective commentary

Reflective commentary The main thing that I've absorbed from this part of the course is how to identify and use poetic devices. Because I'm a big fan of poetry, it is incredibly helpful to understand how writers achieve things like rhythm and imagery. Like with the Hero's Journey, I realise that these aren't cheatsheets to writing/reading but they do… Continue reading Assignment two – Reflective commentary