Case Study ‘A Place Beyond Belief’

Nathan Coley, A Place Beyond Belief, 2012 (illuminated text on scaffolding, 6m x 7m x 3m) My first response is that the work is represented with a very good image due to its contrast of colors (yellow and blue), the silhouettes of the buildings and structures, the sky behind it, and the overall composition. After noting this, I can… Continue reading Case Study ‘A Place Beyond Belief’


Case Study Interpreting sound – Longplayer

Initial Reaction I am immediately drawn to this idea of a composition with a long-term scheduled date. I can see that the piece is formed by a repetition of circles and that each of the six rings has a small table with instruments and what I assume are musicians. It is placed in a large round space that probably… Continue reading Case Study Interpreting sound – Longplayer