Part 5 (Textiles) – Assignment five (Commentary)

Commentary on my experience of Part Five (Textiles) I feel like I've read and written so much in Part 5 that it's hard to figure where to start. I started this part of the course thinking that I had a good knowledge of textiles but quickly realized that I really didn't. Starting from the very first exercises,… Continue reading Part 5 (Textiles) – Assignment five (Commentary)


Part 4 (Photography) – Assignment four (Commentary)

Commentary on my experience of Part Four (Photography) I had no idea what to expect for this part of the course. Photography seems to me to be something very practical, so I was curious to see how I would get to read and write about it. Three research points in particular shine from all the rest; The Pencil… Continue reading Part 4 (Photography) – Assignment four (Commentary)

Part 3 (Visual communications) – Assignment three (Commentary)

Commentary on experience of Part Three (Visual communications) The exercises I enjoyed the most in this part of the course were those of semiotic analysis; denotation and connotation, signifier and signified, literal element vs. meaning. I feel I can apply this knowledge to many of my future analyses and also to my own works as an artist. I… Continue reading Part 3 (Visual communications) – Assignment three (Commentary)

Project 2 (Combining visual elements) – Exercise 2

Re-contextualising images I decided to focus on the current issue of the penalisation of abortion in the Dominican Republic. The president proposed the decriminalisation of abortion under certain circumstances, namely rape, abduction, incest, or a congenital malformation of the foetus. The Catholic Church holds a strong position that all types of abortion should be illegal and condemned, stating that… Continue reading Project 2 (Combining visual elements) – Exercise 2

Assignment two – Reflective commentary

Reflective commentary The main thing that I've absorbed from this part of the course is how to identify and use poetic devices. Because I'm a big fan of poetry, it is incredibly helpful to understand how writers achieve things like rhythm and imagery. Like with the Hero's Journey, I realise that these aren't cheatsheets to writing/reading but they do… Continue reading Assignment two – Reflective commentary