Assignment two – The Dispossessed

The Dispossessed "Shevek submitted to this and other injections in silence. He had no right to suspicion or protest. He had yielded himself up to these people; he had given up his birthright of decision. It was gone, fallen away from him along with his world, the world of the Promise, the barren stone. The… Continue reading Assignment two – The Dispossessed


Assignment two – Reflective commentary

Reflective commentary The main thing that I've absorbed from this part of the course is how to identify and use poetic devices. Because I'm a big fan of poetry, it is incredibly helpful to understand how writers achieve things like rhythm and imagery. Like with the Hero's Journey, I realise that these aren't cheatsheets to writing/reading but they do… Continue reading Assignment two – Reflective commentary

Project 3 (Ways of saying and seeing) – Exercise 3

Close reading of Fern Hill by Dylan Thomas • What’s the mood of the poem? How does it make you feel? The first half of the poem has a mood of exaltation, excitement, and joyful nostalgia. It makes me feel inspired and happy and makes me think of sweeter, more innocent times. The second half of the poem… Continue reading Project 3 (Ways of saying and seeing) – Exercise 3

Project 3 (Ways of saying and seeing) – Exercise 2

Examples of poetic devices in poems:                      Examples of poetic devices in novel: Bradbury, R. (1985) Dandelion Wine (Grand Master Editions). United States and Canada: Bantam Books. From pages 12-13: Why did the writer use it at this particular point? What is its effect on the writing and… Continue reading Project 3 (Ways of saying and seeing) – Exercise 2

Project 2 (The hero’s journey)- Research point

Think about something you’ve read recently. How did it make use of Aristotle’s first four elements? Did one element seem to predominate over the others? Which one? Why? Plot Character Thought (theme) Diction (expression of meaning) The last novel I read was 'Papi' (Spanish word for Daddy) by the Dominican author and singer/songwriter Rita Indiana. It is about a little… Continue reading Project 2 (The hero’s journey)- Research point

Creative reading (Introduction) – Exercise

List of reasons why people read expand knowledge learn about someone increase vocabulary pleasure entertainment escape reality see things from different perspective use/develop imagination when sad, bored, lonely pass the time when travelling (airplanes, buses, trains) tool for studying/research humor a way to relate to others obligation (school, homework) List of reasons why people write share knowledge, experiences, opinions, beliefs… Continue reading Creative reading (Introduction) – Exercise