Assignment two – The Dispossessed

The Dispossessed "Shevek submitted to this and other injections in silence. He had no right to suspicion or protest. He had yielded himself up to these people; he had given up his birthright of decision. It was gone, fallen away from him along with his world, the world of the Promise, the barren stone. The… Continue reading Assignment two – The Dispossessed


Assignment two – Reflective commentary

Reflective commentary The main thing that I've absorbed from this part of the course is how to identify and use poetic devices. Because I'm a big fan of poetry, it is incredibly helpful to understand how writers achieve things like rhythm and imagery. Like with the Hero's Journey, I realise that these aren't cheatsheets to writing/reading but they do… Continue reading Assignment two – Reflective commentary

Project 3 (Ways of saying and seeing) – Exercise 2

Examples of poetic devices in poems:                      Examples of poetic devices in novel: Bradbury, R. (1985) Dandelion Wine (Grand Master Editions). United States and Canada: Bantam Books. From pages 12-13: Why did the writer use it at this particular point? What is its effect on the writing and… Continue reading Project 3 (Ways of saying and seeing) – Exercise 2

Project 1 (The craft of writing) – Exercise 2

List of everything I've read or written or seen or heard in the last 24 hours. Heard morning alarm Saw how my latest Instagram post is doing Heard my dad buying fruit from the street vendor Wrote last night's dream in my dream journal Read the newspaper Read a recipe to make for dinner Saw my mom making lunch Heard music Wrote and published an… Continue reading Project 1 (The craft of writing) – Exercise 2

Project 1 (The craft of writing) – Research point

Read Hazel Smith’s essay, ‘Creative Writing and New Media’ in The Cambridge Companion to Creative Writing (p.102–17) Points of interest 'In new media writing...the screen replaces the page.' (p.102) '...the French group Oulipo developed writing techniques which applied constraints...' (p.102) 'Creative writing in new media means working with computer code as well as language, and… Continue reading Project 1 (The craft of writing) – Research point