Part 5 (Textiles) – Assignment five

Assignment five: The place where pellizas are sold Whenever I travel South to North, from capital city to second largest city, I am met with a view of green hills and mountains, rice paddies, small wooden houses and lush vegetation all around. After about one hour of driving, a bright blur of color borders the highway.… Continue reading Part 5 (Textiles) – Assignment five


Part 5, Project 3 (Clouds and pillars) – Research point pt.2

Room Six: Territories, pp.146 - 147 Mongolia (2003), Mette Tronoll photographic project portraits and landscape home place tradition textile 'A ger is a round, white tent and is the home of the nomads living on the steppes in Mongolia.' (Mette Tronvoll, p.146) 'The nomad moves, but he is always at the centre of the desert, at the… Continue reading Part 5, Project 3 (Clouds and pillars) – Research point pt.2