Part 5 (Textiles) – Assignment five

Assignment five: The place where pellizas are sold Whenever I travel South to North, from capital city to second largest city, I am met with a view of green hills and mountains, rice paddies, small wooden houses and lush vegetation all around. After about one hour of driving, a bright blur of color borders the highway.… Continue reading Part 5 (Textiles) – Assignment five


Part 5 (Textiles) – Assignment five (Plan)

Assignment 5 contextual qualities of textiles critical analysis of formation, placement, use, etc select an environment where a textile, textiles or textile qualities plays a key role 1000 words For Assignment 5, I can either choose a functional textile in a public or commercial space or an art installation that uses textiles as its primary… Continue reading Part 5 (Textiles) – Assignment five (Plan)