Part 5, Project 4 (Enveloping the body) – Exercise 1

Fashion image I began this exercise by searching for female fashion photographers. One that has really caught my attention is contemporary photographer Julia Noni (born in Italy, raised in Germany, currently based in New York City). She shoots for fashion magazines like Vogue and Harper's Bazaar and for brands such as Dior and Swarovski. What draws… Continue reading Part 5, Project 4 (Enveloping the body) – Exercise 1


Project 4 (Time and place) – Exercise 3

Visual conventions for time and place Examples of different visual conventions used to convey time and/or place/space from different historical periods. motion decayed flowers blooming repetition of same action, endless loop time cartoon strip visual description and textual sequence, steps (this, then this, etc.) conveys time (beginning, middle, end) storyboard step by step narrative shows progression… Continue reading Project 4 (Time and place) – Exercise 3

Project 3 (Reading visual communications) – Exercise 2

Join the Navy Denotation sailor torpedo water (sea / ocean) riding whip cowboy pose movement energy complementary colors navy recruitment JOIN NAVY is big, red and all-caps Connotation all elements persuasive, meant to appeal to a male audience torpedo placement, size and form = phallic, proof of manliness, virility pose as if riding a bull = comparison… Continue reading Project 3 (Reading visual communications) – Exercise 2

Project 3 (Reading visual communications) – Exercise 1

What does this apple mean? All of these images contain a common signifier, namely an apple. The meaning or idea that is represented by each apple, however, might be different. Below each image, I will list what I think is being signified and then reflect on this range of meanings. love lust temptation forbidden fruit temptation knowledge fall of man sin Polyptych… Continue reading Project 3 (Reading visual communications) – Exercise 1

Project 2 (Combining visual elements) – Exercise 3

Film posters Relationship between a film and its poster (use of typography, image, colour and composition). First impressions: dark environment, night humongous moon no stars fog and shadows scary laughing pumpkins (some impaled in fence) halloween cemetery spiralling, wave-like cliff skeletal figure wearing a suit, body language as if singing or reciting poetry purple and yellow colors The Nightmare Before Christmas by… Continue reading Project 2 (Combining visual elements) – Exercise 3

Project 2 (Combining visual elements) – Exercise 1

Mixed messages Enjoy your stay: positive and welcoming message, typography conveys opposite feels gothic and archaic would be appropriate if placed on a medieval inn or in the road leading to Count Dracula's castle DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS THEY ARE DANGEROUS: message warns about danger, and so does typography aggressive all-caps, usually implies screaming, emphasises importance… Continue reading Project 2 (Combining visual elements) – Exercise 1

Project 1 (Looking for visual communication) – Exercise 1

Identifying visual communications Persuasion  Figure 1: handmade illustration commercial sells idea that women will be thin if they replace sweets with cigarettes makes use of the cultural standards of beauty to sell product Figure 2: photograph positive message directs people's fear of sharks towards threat of animal extinction Information Figure 3: instruction manual simple linear illustrations and no words, thus universal… Continue reading Project 1 (Looking for visual communication) – Exercise 1

Project 3 (Ways of saying and seeing) – Exercise 3

Close reading of Fern Hill by Dylan Thomas • What’s the mood of the poem? How does it make you feel? The first half of the poem has a mood of exaltation, excitement, and joyful nostalgia. It makes me feel inspired and happy and makes me think of sweeter, more innocent times. The second half of the poem… Continue reading Project 3 (Ways of saying and seeing) – Exercise 3