Part 4 (Photography) – Assignment four

In this essay I am going to be looking at Chris Marker's short film La Jetée (1962) and exploring the relationship between its creative aspects, the message it conveys and its use of photography. I will do this by considering the film's use of still images, visual effects, sound and music, narrative, context and story. I… Continue reading Part 4 (Photography) – Assignment four


Project 4 (Time and place) – Room One: Urban

Room One: Urban (p.27-46) Artists Doug Aitken Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster Jean and Louise Wilson Richard Hamilton Victor Pasmore Liam Gillick Dan Graham Borjan Sarcevic Stan Douglas Thomas Struth Points of interest 'To live in the city, must we assume the position of the anonymous stranger?' (p.27) 'Home can be motion at times.' Doug Aitken (p.28) ' architectural protagonist… Continue reading Project 4 (Time and place) – Room One: Urban

Project 2 (Combining visual elements) – Exercise 3

Film posters Relationship between a film and its poster (use of typography, image, colour and composition). First impressions: dark environment, night humongous moon no stars fog and shadows scary laughing pumpkins (some impaled in fence) halloween cemetery spiralling, wave-like cliff skeletal figure wearing a suit, body language as if singing or reciting poetry purple and yellow colors The Nightmare Before Christmas by… Continue reading Project 2 (Combining visual elements) – Exercise 3