Part 5 (Textiles) – Assignment five

Assignment five: The place where pellizas are sold Whenever I travel South to North, from capital city to second largest city, I am met with a view of green hills and mountains, rice paddies, small wooden houses and lush vegetation all around. After about one hour of driving, a bright blur of color borders the highway.… Continue reading Part 5 (Textiles) – Assignment five


Part 5, Project 3 (Clouds and pillars) – Exercise 1

Function of Marianne Straub's Moquette textile (1970) From Part Three, I remember analyzing designs/art works based on their literal (denotation) and implied (connotation) meanings, as well as identifying different examples of visual communication. Besides being durable, Straub's design conveys certain message(s) and emotional response(s), serves as an industrial design, is visually pleasing to look at and is part… Continue reading Part 5, Project 3 (Clouds and pillars) – Exercise 1

Part 5, Project 3 (Clouds and pillars) – Research point pt.1

Textiles in everyday life, analyzing their context This will be an ongoing exercise throughout Project 3, in which I will be looking for textiles in my everyday life, taking photos and documenting them here. I'll be noting down the following characteristics for each textile: Intention, function (e.g. utilitarian vs work of art) Temporary vs. permanent (part… Continue reading Part 5, Project 3 (Clouds and pillars) – Research point pt.1