Part 5, Project 3 (Clouds and pillars) – Research point

Christo and Jeanne-Claude Surrounded Islands (1980–83), Christo and Jeanne-Claude art installation: no function, purely visual/aesthetic temporary: displayed for two weeks in Biscayne Bay, Greater Miami, Florida large scale, repetition: 6.5 million square feet of woven polypropylene fabric placed on surface of water, contouring eleven islands emphasizes by bringing attention with use of bright pink colour and scale, visually… Continue reading Part 5, Project 3 (Clouds and pillars) – Research point


Project 3 (Place in art) – Exercise 3 (further research)

Exercise 3 Gallery or site visit (further research) Notes on 'But is it installation art?' What is installation art? "Almost any arrangement of objects in a given space can now be referred to as installation art..." "...the way in which an exhibition was arranged..." Origin in the 1960s Minimalism worked towards giving importance to the space used to… Continue reading Project 3 (Place in art) – Exercise 3 (further research)