Part 4 (Photography) – Assignment four

In this essay I am going to be looking at Chris Marker's short film La Jetée (1962) and exploring the relationship between its creative aspects, the message it conveys and its use of photography. I will do this by considering the film's use of still images, visual effects, sound and music, narrative, context and story. I… Continue reading Part 4 (Photography) – Assignment four


Part 4, Project 2 (It’s about time) – Exercise 1

Photography conveys movement Derek Trillo, Passing Place, 2006 stairs imply direction one figure is going down, other is going up figures on stairs are blurred because photograph was taken while they were moving right figure is midway up a step, as seen by bent leg Harold Edgerton, Bullet and Apple, c.1964 very short moment of time bullet seems… Continue reading Part 4, Project 2 (It’s about time) – Exercise 1