Part 4 (Photography) – Assignment four (Plan)

Assignment 4 relationship between art, message and photography explore themes time and place 1000 words Options: 1. Duane Michals' photography combined with text. American photographer, 1932 - . His photography is connected to journalism and is very narrative, either by his use of sequences or his use of text. Emotion, philosophy, sincerity, humor, poetic. (Does the… Continue reading Part 4 (Photography) – Assignment four (Plan)


Part 4, Project 3 (A sense of place) – Research point

Photography: Nature vs. urban sprawl This type of photography is very important, as it shows the (often negative) ways we are changing (often taking over) the natural landscape. It makes one think hard about the consequences of our modern world, that our whole way of living (comfort, urbanization, technology, consumerism, agriculture) is in direct conflict… Continue reading Part 4, Project 3 (A sense of place) – Research point

Part 4, Project 3 (A sense of place) – Notes

Sense of place, scale, depth Ian Berry, GB. Yorkshire. Whitby. 1974 Without people in them, Berry's images might look flat and the place might look barren and lifeless. Berry uses people in their daily activities as elements in his compositions. The message behind would also completely change; right now I see the images as a peek… Continue reading Part 4, Project 3 (A sense of place) – Notes