Part 5 (Textiles) – Assignment five (Self-assessment)

Assessment criteria Demonstration of subject based knowledge and understanding In order to achieve a broad understanding of the subject content, I drew both from my personal knowledge and from research (primary and secondary sources). I was unable to obtain a full historical knowledge of the subject due to limited information, though perhaps with more time… Continue reading Part 5 (Textiles) – Assignment five (Self-assessment)


Part 5 (Textiles) – Assignment five (Commentary)

Commentary on my experience of Part Five (Textiles) I feel like I've read and written so much in Part 5 that it's hard to figure where to start. I started this part of the course thinking that I had a good knowledge of textiles but quickly realized that I really didn't. Starting from the very first exercises,… Continue reading Part 5 (Textiles) – Assignment five (Commentary)