Project 4 (Time and place) – Exercise 1

The next big thing I chose to search for a piece of graphic design in Pinterest because this platform is part of the contemporary way of looking for visual references and I felt this related to the exercise. After looking through many, many examples and noticing certain common tendencies, I chose a poster by In the… Continue reading Project 4 (Time and place) – Exercise 1


Project 2 (Combining visual elements) – Exercise 3

Film posters Relationship between a film and its poster (use of typography, image, colour and composition). First impressions: dark environment, night humongous moon no stars fog and shadows scary laughing pumpkins (some impaled in fence) halloween cemetery spiralling, wave-like cliff skeletal figure wearing a suit, body language as if singing or reciting poetry purple and yellow colors The Nightmare Before Christmas by… Continue reading Project 2 (Combining visual elements) – Exercise 3