Exhibition visit – ‘Los Caprichos’, Goya / Dalí

Los caprichos (1797-98), Francisco Goya (1746 - 1828) Los caprichos (1977), Salvador Dalí (1904 ­– 1989) I just visited an exhibition called 'Del Capricho al Disparate' (Spanish, from caprice to absurdity). The works are an appropriation by Dalí of Goya's series Los caprichos, which includes 80 prints in aquatint and etching. It's been some months since assignment… Continue reading Exhibition visit – ‘Los Caprichos’, Goya / Dalí


Part 4 (Photography) – Assignment four (Self-assessment)

Assessment criteria Demonstration of subject based knowledge and understanding I think I've improved in this particular point, as my interest in learning more about the historical and cultural context of different artists and their work has grown. I paid more attention in my assignment, for example, to how context influenced and shaped Chris Marker's film La… Continue reading Part 4 (Photography) – Assignment four (Self-assessment)

Part 4 (Photography) – Assignment four (Commentary)

Commentary on my experience of Part Four (Photography) I had no idea what to expect for this part of the course. Photography seems to me to be something very practical, so I was curious to see how I would get to read and write about it. Three research points in particular shine from all the rest; The Pencil… Continue reading Part 4 (Photography) – Assignment four (Commentary)