Part 4, Project 3 (A sense of place) – Notes

Sense of place, scale, depth Ian Berry, GB. Yorkshire. Whitby. 1974 Without people in them, Berry's images might look flat and the place might look barren and lifeless. Berry uses people in their daily activities as elements in his compositions. The message behind would also completely change; right now I see the images as a peek… Continue reading Part 4, Project 3 (A sense of place) – Notes


Project 1 – Exercise 5

Exercise 5 Finding out more Find two examples of still life work which includes fish and in each case note the title, artist and date. Make a quick sketch of the pieces. 'Mackerel on a Plate', William Scott, 1951-2 'Still life with Fish; Nature Morte aux Poissons', Bernard Buffet, 1954 Notes on the Khan Academy discussion of Damien Hirst's… Continue reading Project 1 – Exercise 5