Part 5, Project 3 (Clouds and pillars) – Research point

Personnes (2010), Christian Boltanski Art: installation, visual, non-functional, conceptual Temporary: on view from January 13, 2010 - February 21, 2010. Textiles used in piece were recycled after exhibition ended. Large scale: created for the Monumenta series (monumental exhibitions held annually at the Grand Palais, Paris), occupying the 13,500 square meter exhibition space Transformed the Nave of the Grand Palais… Continue reading Part 5, Project 3 (Clouds and pillars) – Research point


Part 4, Project 2 (It’s about time) – Research point

Documenting journeys Alec Soth, Sleeping by the Mississippi, 2004 Sleeping by the Mississippi is a series of photographs taken along the Mississippi River, portraying the American Midwest. The images tell a story about the place and its landscape, along with its houses, objects, and people. I feel some sort of nostalgia and melancholy from the photographs and… Continue reading Part 4, Project 2 (It’s about time) – Research point