Case Study ‘A Place Beyond Belief’

Nathan Coley, A Place Beyond Belief, 2012 (illuminated text on scaffolding, 6m x 7m x 3m) My first response is that the work is represented with a very good image due to its contrast of colors (yellow and blue), the silhouettes of the buildings and structures, the sky behind it, and the overall composition. After noting this, I can… Continue reading Case Study ‘A Place Beyond Belief’


Project 3 (Place in art) – Research point

Research point: Text in art Notes on 'ARTIST ROOMS: Theme: Language' Duchamp defined artists as those able to "rethink the world and remake meaning through language" Sol LeWitt originated term 'conceptual art' "art became increasingly ephemeral and transient" "the reader is invited to execute the work through his or her own imagination." "language shapes our cultural… Continue reading Project 3 (Place in art) – Research point