Research point – Postmodernism

Postmodernism: A Very Short Introduction. Chapter 1 'The rise of postmodernism', (p.1-12) Points of interest '...postmodernists often follow Marx. They claim to be peculiarly aware of the unique state of contemporary society, immured as it is in what they call ‘the postmodern condition’.' (p.2-3) 'They have a distinct way of seeing the world as a whole,… Continue reading Research point – Postmodernism


Project 1 (The craft of writing) – Exercise 1

Exercise 1 What happens to a story when you take it from its source, make it permanent in print, and disseminate it to a wide audience? It has less room for quick changes and adaptations, something that probably happened very often when stories were told orally Transcends place (reaches audiences from all around the world instead of… Continue reading Project 1 (The craft of writing) – Exercise 1

Creative reading (Introduction) – Exercise

List of reasons why people read expand knowledge learn about someone increase vocabulary pleasure entertainment escape reality see things from different perspective use/develop imagination when sad, bored, lonely pass the time when travelling (airplanes, buses, trains) tool for studying/research humor a way to relate to others obligation (school, homework) List of reasons why people write share knowledge, experiences, opinions, beliefs… Continue reading Creative reading (Introduction) – Exercise

Assignment one – Part A

Reflective learning What is art? My views towards art haven't changed but rather expanded and grown. I still stand by my position that art that focuses on its formal qualities and aesthetic value isn't necessarily less meaningful or thought-provoking than art that emphasises concept above all else. But some inspiring examples of contemporary art show me that they can make use… Continue reading Assignment one – Part A


From being someone who immediately rejected contemporary art to being able to analyse and research a contemporary piece and make a more informed critique, I certainly have surprised myself. Despite the fact that this type of art (installation, performance, ready-made, etc.) is not my favorite, I have been able to accept the messages these pieces convey and be… Continue reading Conclusion